VHSL Football - Common Opponents for Strasburg

The table below shows the common opponents for Strasburg
We try to determine a point spread based on how teams fared against these common opponents.

    Amelia County
40-12     40.0- 12.0    28.0
7-24     7.0- 24.0     -17.0
Common Opponent Amelia County
Manassas Park
  Amelia County
40 Manassas Park
12   Strasburg
7 Manassas Park

Actual VHSL Football Games Between Strasburg

Amelia County
Amelia County
GY Game Date Winning Team PTS   Losing Team PTS   Playoff Home Team Rate W L Rate W L
2011 11/18/11 Amelia County 14   Strasburg 6   Playoff Amelia County
71.9 12 2 48.7 8 4


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